Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Bell Let’s Talk Day

On February 8, 2012

Bell will lead the conversation
To reduce stigma with the launch of
Bell Let’s Talk Day
A national campaign which will raise awareness about
Mental Health across Canada each year.

For every text message and long distance call made
by Bell customers that day,
Bell will contribute 5¢ to programs
Dedicated to Mental Health

Monday, January 23, 2012

City Counsel Meeting Tonight

 All who are Interested in going to the City Counsel Meeting Tonight
Regarding the “Welcome Card”
 Call Irene Breckon 705 848 9692
For all the details or if you need a ride.

F.Y.I - Club Will be Closed Today

Due to Bad Weather & Staff Shortage the Club will be CLOSED Today
Everything should be up and running smooth by Tomorrow!
Hope to See you Then!

Friday, January 20, 2012

2012 Calendars Success

Calendar's Are Still Available
If You would like a Keepsake from the
Talented Club 90 Members who Contributed to it's Success!


Annnnnnd It has a touch Screen!!! :)
Thank You
To the Company who Answered our Kijiji Classified Ad
Many! Many! Many Thanks!
From Every here at North Shore Community Support Services/Club 90

Foxy Move Written By Laura V.

Oh Dear! Here he comes again, ready to pounce at the slightest hint of betrayal. For the past two months his increasingly choleric attitude has garnered him several new enemies. This game of cat and mouse would be bad enough is he was a cat. But, he’s a fax, with three years of battle scars to his credit. A worthy adversary who gulps down a mouse in one slurp, spitting the bones out in 1.5 minutes flat.

I’m a fox, freshly groomed, learning to creep slow, keep low, following instinct when encountering the wafting acrid aroma of a fresh kill. Sometimes keeping my nose too low to the ground, bumping into bullied who are professionals in the art of not sharing. Can’t be too careful when you don’t know the other diners at the table.

“Good morning, Meribelle. You look good enough to eat.”

“Grover, you cad!” I swoon backwards, putting three feet of drenched decaying leaves between us. “Hope you were successful in your hunting expedition down south.”

“Had to make do with a couple of chicks. What with one eye gone, and the other blinded by a sudden burst of solar energy, the rest of my breakfast scampered away.”

I began to edge away daintily, closer and closer to the river bank, securing each foothold with the pads of my paws, each loose rock and empty burrow of my territory memorized during weeks of extensive exploration. … I needed to get Grover away from tonight’s dinner. What could I say to convince him to leave? … “Yesterday I heard two partridges squawking about a mile east of here. You might want to check out the squabble. There was another voice, the most eldritch nasal quality I ever heard. Remember last week when you found that giant spider skewered on a stick beside the slough? …Maybe there’s another one, or something better…?”

“I see something better in front of me. No need to go messing with arachnid snacks when I’ve got lunch right in front of me.”

“Is that tub of lard you call a stomach too heavy to drag through the forest?”

With an unearthly wailing Grover threw himself at my haunches, scalpel-like claws missing by inches. He didn’t realize the rocky river bed had dried out, and I’m guessing his combined speed and trajectory falling 30 feet would crush the skull of even somebody as hard-headed as that buffoon.

Not only am I aware of all the empty burrows, but also those containing a sweet treat, something white and fluffy. Look at the wiggle, thinking she made it home sweet home. I knew there would be a delicious ending to this tail.

Off The Beaten Path

Celebrating the Festive Season – Again
Christmas may be over for another year.  This does not mean the end of family get-togethers and visiting friends for winter’s celebration.  For midway through winter, is another festive time of year.  Many communities organize winter carnivals to get family and friends to get together to have fun and to break up a long winter.
The three largest winter carnivals in Canada, in order from largest are Bonhomme L’hivere (Quebec City Winter Carnival), Winterlude (Ottawa Winter Carnival), and Bon Soo (Sault Ste. Marie Winter Carnival).  These winter carnivals celebrate winter fun and draw tourists from all over Canada, the United States and nations farther away.  They are known for downhill and cross country ski races, snow sculptures, ice carving, dog sled racing, ice skating, hockey, live theatre, mascots, a large assortment of parties at various local establishments, fireworks lighting up the night sky, and the Beavertail pastries that can be purchased at different event sites.
Many communities hold local winter carnivals including Elliot Lake, Espanola and Blind River.  In addition to the above events, they also offer cross country ski loppets, snowshoe golf, lantern ski outings, sleigh rides and a whole assortment of events both indoors and outdoors to get the family and friends together for some old fashioned fun.
If you find winter seemingly long, the winter carnival season is the perfect time for you and your loved ones as well as organizations you are involved with to plan activities similar to what you did at Christmas and in the run-up to Christmas.
Fun things you can do include a skating party at the local rink followed by hotdogs and hot chocolate, moonlight snowshoe outing over a frozen lake followed by a fun sing-a-long at a bonfire, a day at the ski hill followed by dinner, ice fishing followed by a fish fry, or cross-country skiing followed by a potluck supper.  Perhaps if you are more adventurous, organize a trail rally puzzle tour or a progressive dinner all over town.  Pretty soon, you will have another festive season to enjoy thanks to all the creative fun activities that will be almost like Christmas all over again.  Come out and be creative, and soon winter will fly by quickly.
Pim D.