Thursday, March 24, 2011


By Shawn T

           A 1967 Chevrolet Impala rolled into the parking lot of an old, decrepit, abandoned building. The engine stopped. The headlights went out. It was almost midnight when Sam Winchester, along with his older brother Dean, stepped outside.
“You think it’s a trap?” Sam said.
“It’s always a trap,” Dean replied. “Although this time it’s a trap for that no good son of a…”
“Whoa, easy there tiger,” Sam said and shot Dean a troubled glance.
           “Well, it’s good you boys came.” They both turned around and saw exactly who they wanted to see.
“Gabriel, well if this isn’t…”
“Can it you arrogant schmuck. We finally have your consents, so if you wouldn’t mind to step right up here. Dean Winchester, Sam. Before the final battle will begin, I just thought you should know that from the very beginning, ever since dad flipped on the lights here and created you… hairless little apes, we always knew it was going to end with you.
           “You are the descendants of Cain and Abel, the first murder, and –“
“Hello, brother.” Sam said. But it wasn’t Sam; it was the original Choirmaster of heaven and King of Hell.
“Hello, Lucifer,” Gabriel said. Dean had a shocked look on his face. “Now, Dean are you ready to step up and play the part destiny has chosen for you?      
To Be Continued


          “Sammy, no” Dean said. But he knew deep down, deep down in his very soul that talking to him would do no good, because what was standing before him was not his brother, that it was the very essence of fear, the original source of evil – Satan himself.
“Oh, hello Dean,” Lucifer said and smiled; but it wasn’t a smile at all. It was a wicked scowl.
          “If you don’t mind Lucy,” Gabriel said. “But Dean and I have some talking to do.” Gabriel snapped his fingers, and they were in the middle of a garden.
“Is this…”
Eden? No Dean but this is what the world will look like if Michael wins. Michael must take charge, march across the land and defeat the serpent. It is written and so as it is written, so shall it be done.”
          “You know how I feel about this,” Dean said.
“It isn’t Sam, and you know that.”
A tear streamed down Dean’s face. “If I do this, will Sam be ok?”
“I seriously doubt it. Are you ready to give yourself to the Kingdom of Heaven and take charge?”
Sick at heart and out of options, Dean nodded his head.
“Yes,” he said.      To Be Continued…

SUPERNATURAL Part 3: Final Words

          Michael looked through the eyes of his vessel.
“Gabriel, how are you brother?” he said.
“I’m fine. I can’t believe it’s actually here.”
“I know what you mean. Where’s my little brother?”
“I’m right here, Michael.”
Michael turned, and saw Lucifer. Gabriel was gone.
          “Well, Lucifer, I wish I could say it’s good to see you.”
“Please Michael, you might be able to fool dad, but you can’t fool me. I know you worship the ground he walks on, but please know he has done this to both of us.”
“God didn’t do this to us, Lucifer. You defied our Father and betrayed our race, and I have to stop you.”
“You can certainly try.”
          “I really do wish we didn’t have to do this, but it is written and it must come to pass. So, are you ready to do what has been foretold since the beginning of creation?”
“I am.”
Lucifer walked up to his brother…  To Be Continued…

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Something You Maybe Interested in Attending

Off The Beaten Path - Spring is Coming Written by Pim D.

 After another seemingly long winter, the month of March brings signs of warmer and nicer weather to come.  As the days get longer and warmer, our thoughts turn to summer activities.  With it comes the twice yearly changeover in outdoor recreational activities.
Now is the time to haul out your camping and fishing gear for summer and check everything over to see what needs cleaning, fixing and restocking so that everything is ready for outdoor fun when you are.  Take stock of what is broken or missing; perhaps you need new fishing lures.  Maybe the tent is missing some tent pegs and need to be replaced.  Perhaps the backpack needs a new buckle to replace one that is broken, or maybe, your hiking boots need new shoelaces.  Whatever the case, stores that carry outdoor supplies has everything you need to get your gear ready for summer fun.
While your attention is focused on getting your camping, fishing and other summer outdoor equipment ready, you also need to check over your winter gear that you just finished using before putting it away for the summer.  Are your snowshoe bindings wearing out?  Did one of your ski poles lose a basket?  Or perhaps is your snowboard scratched after hitting a rock that “wasn’t there before” at the ski hill?  All these things need to be looked after to ensure your winter equipment is in shape for the next winter and need to be stored properly for the off-season.
There will be a short period of time, the “between season” when you can’t do anything in the outdoors, but once the snow is gone and the ground dries out, you can look forward to summer fun on the trails, hills and lakes.

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April's Activity and Meal Calendars

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mother Spring Head Joined Us for our St. Patrick's Day Green Tea Party! 

We enjoyed a festive mixed Fruit Platter and Green-Vanilla Yogurt Dip. With a Green Vanilla Cake!! All Green for a Green DAY!! A Great way to Welcome Spring!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011