Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Fundraiser

We had a successful day with our Christmas Fundraiser
Hosted at the Mall, we sold baked goodies and wrapped presents for the busy last mintute shoppers.
We raised $210.00, but after our expenses we came out on top with $100.00 profit.
Overall we had a great day,
Thank You to all our Volunteers, with baking, sales and moving locations,
Without all Your Help our fundraiser wouldn't have been possible.

And a BIG THANK YOU to the Community of Elliot Lake, for all of your financial support!

Christmas Dinner

We're hosting our annual Christmas Dinner December 23rd, 2010.
The Club will be opening at 1pm to play games, music and more.
Supper will be served between 4:30-5pm
Members may invite one guest to join them in the Fun-filled Festive Evening!
Call Club 90 (705 848 2879), by Monday December 20th,
If you would like a plate reserved.


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Mobile Crisis Response Cancelled!!

It has been announced, that the Mobile Crisis Response Team in East Algoma, will be terminated, as of March 31st. It has been announced that the saved dollars, will now be used to increase day time service 8:30am -4:30pm.

The Ministry of Health, some ten years ago, funded this program to provide Crisis Response 24/7/365 days to the District of Algoma through the Sault Area Hospital for people with Mental Illness. “The goal is to have the Mobile Crisis Response Team arrive at the office within 30 minutes. “The Mobile team works very closely with the Crisis Department to ensure staff safety and to provide the best possible service to the client” says McLean.”

“Mobile Crisis Response provides a community co-operative response for individuals with a serious mental illness, or individuals in crisis. “Our Mobile Crisis Response Team is very well trained to attend to crises and is available on call to respond to emergencies”, says Kathleen McLean, Manager Community Mental Health Programs. “All crisis calls come to the Crisis Department and staff determines whether the Mobile Crisis Response Team will be dispatched to attend to the call.” 

?         So, how would terminating evening services, meet the goal to respond to a person in crisis after 4:30pm?

?         Do we need more 8:30am- 4:30pm day time service?

?          Why are people not calling the Mobile Crisis Response Line?

?         Would it help you to call a ‘warm-line’ in the evening? – A person who listens to you, who you could talk things over with when you’re experiencing crisis?
What do we mean by a warm-line?
            It is a place to call when you need to connect with trained Peer-Support Survivors. Reasons for calling might be needing support, feeling isolated, or learning about some recovery skills. Some call because they are feeling frightened, sad or had a great day or wanted to share a success. It is not a crisis line but rather a place to talk and to be listened to.

Monday, December 6, 2010


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